Spellbound and new username!

Hey there!

So a few days ago I made the decision to change my username! It used to be TheUJelly_ which was awkward and weird and confusing to everyone that wasn’t in on the story behind it…which was pretty much the whole internet apart from me. Now I am simple, plain old TahliePurvis. It might be a little formal or boring but I was never one for good, creative usernames. To be honest, making usernames just gives me anxiety because I worry if they’ll look stupid (prime example up there!).

Also, Spellbound is officially going to start soon! It is a spinoff from Bulletproof and is set in the same time period but it involving two different characters. I began to write the first chapter today and I can’t wait to be able to share this with you guys! I think it’s something you’ll enjoy although the plot is quite different from my usual stuff 😉

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This is Tahlie Purvis (a.k.a TheUJelly_ on wattpad) and this is my second website that I have created. This one is going to turn into one that I will actually use for once. I will post useless things, give you cheeky sneak peeks and literally just blog my everyday odd mishaps that I stumble across in the world of being a wattpad writer.

Sit back, grab an iced coffee and prepare for the hipster-wannabe onslaught!